end scene.

A: ...that's what I'm asking...

B: No you can't come home with me.

A: But you admit that there's something -

B: what -

A: ...that there's something there. There's something here. (A holds B's head in A's hands)

B: don't

A: do you?

B: (silence)

A: do you admit there's something here? right here? this?

B: I have to go...

A: do you -

B: yes I have to go I have to -

A: - admit that there's something?

B: this can't happen.

A: admit.

B: (silence)

A: (silence)

B: (kisses A passionately)

A: (silence)

B: this can't happen

A: I know. Thank you.

B: (walks away)

(end scene)