end scene.

A: and they would have thought of you and they would have said, my god, look at this, this is what we have left now.

B: I don't neccessarily want to hear about it.

A: every one wants to hear about it your kidding yourself.

B: ...

A: and they would have said, and especially someone like Rob, because you just saw him, and he knew about your laptop and the fact that that was the only reason you could have possibly been going back in to the city, he would have said, yeah it's all apple's fault, if they wouldn't have made faulty hard drives, he never would have had to go back in because it was during finals and all he never would have had to go back in to the city to get his computer looked at and so he obviously wouldn't have been on the train and wouldn't have died, but the thing is, we'll all think how crazy it is that we all knew you, and this was a minor terrorist event, but how crazy it is that we all fucking knew you...

B: (...well not really...)

A: ...but sort of didn't know you all the same, aha, but here, we didn't know you but we knew your projects and especially the grass thing, and we would have had to take that grass, because it was the last tangible thing you were working on and we would have said, well how fitting or ironic or some bullshit tying into the themes of your projects and we would have said, my god this is what's left, and how tragic, but we have to make sure that *this* at least lives and we'd give it to your girlfriend to have, because it's sort of like you planted it so it's almost like you like your soul or the essence of you is living on in these individual blades of grass inside these crappy plastic cups. all really really green covered in dewey plastic and we would have given it to her and the weird thing is is that it's grass so while sure it'd be a nice gesture to give your girlfriend some grass that you once upon a time planted we'd all know that it was going to die as well real soon.

B: ...

A: I really couldn't handle that.