end scene.

B: Jimmy has tapeworm...a tapeworm.,.Jimmy has a tapeworm.

A: (silence)

B: We found out last night, that's why I was late this morning. We were all deciding what to do, splitting up his things. We should've probably done something sooner.

A: (silence)

B: Oh you think so, mom says. Jimmy says his tummy hurts like his insides are all rubbing against his outsides. His his tummy's rubbing around in there he we take him to the cllnic...Mom of course says I told you so and what did you fucking think. How could you not tell she said, what did you think he's the first boozer in the second grade beside Mr. Knowlton with the beer gut? I didn't know. What? Too many ice-cream trucks jingled past this summer? Jimmy's so sweet. We made him make a know to deal with this, like, as a second grader and he comes back with this crayola-ed piece of paper off the easel and he's so sweet he gives his favorite little orange match-box truck to Mikey Rospenda and get this, you know that toilet paper radio he built from that electronics kit mom gave him for his thing after the kidney stone? He gives that back to mom and writes, "because so that you can hear me when I'm in heaven..."

A: (silence)

B: you know.

A: It's a tapeworm.

B: It's been good to teach him about death.

(end scene)