end scene.

A: john wake up.

B: (sleeping)uh.

A: john. (pause) john wake up.

B: (sleeping)uh.

A: john.


A: please.

B: (sleeping and mad)i'm in a donut...

A: wake the fuck up you're killing me here.

B: your a taco...

A: john john (she finally hits him)

B: (wakes and stares) ah.


A: oh don't fucking look at me like that we have to go.

A: (silence)

B: hey! motherfucker! get up we have to go!

A: (silence) I can't we can't-

B: -what-

A: -it hasn't happened yet.

B: what -

A: (she screams at him for a long time) Joooohhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn!

B: (silence)


A: fine. (she holds his face for what seems like a very long time.)