end scene.

A: Yeah yeah yeah yeah but that's not even the best part, I look on the passenger side and there's glass and shards and the tinkling of everything broken and I realize what I've done and that holy shit quite possibly it's actually going to work out because he's definitley not moving, and I'm of course a little banged up, but he's the one without a seatbelt all not moving and I'm talking still. So still. 30 feet ahead on the hot pavement. Rolling over one last time from the momentum. The twitching from the palsy is even dead, and I think my god, I've done it, we've done it...that part in your dreams right before you hit the ground and you wake up and knowing, absolutely knowing that it won't happen this time. That this is the realest thing that has ever happened to you. Crossing the threshold from thought into reality. and him. crossing. passing through the windsheild. I thought it was going to be in slow motion. It was the fastest thing that ever happened to me. me and you, and him, we've done the fucking thing. it's done. he's done. still. happy...(pause) hey.

Kay: silence.

A: hey.

Kay: (silence)

A: hey...Hey, what are you thinking. Where are you.

Kay: (silence)

the car...

A: The car, I know the car, it had to go with...

Kay: The money.

A: There wasn't any.

Kay: oh.

A: (silence)

Kay: At least it's what he wanted.

A: (moves toward Kay.)