end scene.

A: so that's it?

B: that's it-

A: that's it - you don't want to say anything else?

B: like what?

A: like-

B: no I don't want to.

A: (silence)

B: if you want to stand here like a little boy who just wet his pants and is too awkward to just walk away be my guest, but i have to meet richard at au bon pain.

A: clara.

B: what.

A: I-

B: don't do this peter, please?

A: don't do this? 5 years of relationship and I have to go meet dickface at au bon pain and I'm not supposed to do this peter please?

B: don't.

A: fuck you.

B: don't. I don't like that-

A: fuck you, I stayed here for your fucking bullshit tinkering.

B: don't you dare blame this-

A: how can I not! 3 years ago, you remember, I'll be here peter with you always peter, thank you for supporting me, i'll be -

B: things change.

A: obviously.

B: what the f... what does that mean.

A: what.

B: obviously.

A: what?

B: you said obviously, obviously things change.

A: yeah, obviously things change...

B: (pause) obviously.

A: (silence)

B: obviously.

A: (silence)

B: obvious.

A: (silence)

B: obvious.

A (silence)

B (walking slowly out of frame) obviously.