I write very short scenes. No exposition, no inciting incident, no denouement.

We act them together, you and I, having never rehearsed, discussed, or met.

These scenes are video taped as documentation and made available through this site.

Please read the scenes. Pick one in which you would like to be A Stranger.  Pick which character you would like to play.  You can always choose to play either part, even if implied gender roles are reversed or otherwise altered.

When you have chosen a scene and a character to play, contact me.  Tell me in which scene you would like to participate and what part you would like to play.  Next we will set up a date, a time, and a location that works for us both.  We will also discuss the choice of key wardrobe items for positive identification purposes. 

You arrive at the decided location and time.  I will already be there. We interact as dictated by the words.  There is no direction.  There are no second takes.  There is nothing that is not within the context of the scene.  We experience each other.  The scene ends.  We leave. We never speak again.

One of the most important aspects of the project is the fact that you, The Stranger, and I do not know each other, have not previously seen each other, and do not verbally speak to each other prior to our meeting while interacting.  We never actually meet in real life.  All interaction is within the context of the scene.  The camera will be rolling when you arrive, the only words out of your mouth are scripted, and there are no “thank yous” or “goodbyes” unless they are scripted. 

Acting Stranger is the evolving document of an ongoing project exploring intimacy, relationship, and experience between strangers.

The project is the process.

Please read the rules